The island nation of Gor was one of the founding members of the Greater Mercantile Kingdom and now stands as its last remnant. In fact, since the collapse of its partner-nations into chaos, Gor has prospered as the major trading nation on the Saltless Sea. Gor’s ships can be found around the world, from Cammarong to the Western Lands. Its only major rival is the kingdom of Stormburg, on the other side of the continent.

Gor was a nation of farmers and fishermen until a ship of unknown origin put in at their one small port for repairs and supplies and introduced them to the worship of Ennes, god of trade and cunning. Spurred on by new-found religious fervor, the Gorvans transformed their island’s economy to one based on trade in only a few years, parlaying excess food stocks and low-grade iron mined from the islands hills into a tide of gold and goods.

An enthusiastic supporter of the Greater Mercantile Kingdom at the beginning, Gor soon soured on the idea but was unable to pull out for fear of economic warfare. As the Kingdom enjoyed its heyday, Gor pulled away from the political aspects of the union and focussed on carving out its own niche on the trade routes and so was in a perfect position to break away when the Kingdom began its dissolution.

Today, Gor is known for the cunning of its merchants, the sturdiness of its ships and the saltiness of its cooking. Its trading families are known for their lavish facades and legendary behind-the-scenes ruthlessness. It is rumourd that the families are in a constant state of low-level warfare with one another and are willing to employ any tactics, save those that disrupt business.


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