Pirate Groups

Despite the collapse of the Greater Merchantile Kingdom, the Saltless Sea sees enough trade to support a thriving pirate industry. Though each ship is essentially independent, the pirates have formed into several loose confederations in order to more effectively counter any organized resistance by the nations of the Sea.

The Raucous Dandies: Thanks to the ever-shifting politics of the Fecund Peninsula, fortunes and political careers are founded and shattered on a near-daily basis. Members of the city-states’ navies regularly turn to piracy for a year or two until they can bribe or blackmail their way back into favour. As such, the Dandies are the loosest of the confederations and in the occasion period of Peninsular stability barely exist at all.

The Fishmongers: Sailing out of the Goodluck Islands, this group’s membership waxes and wanes with the fishing seasons. Only a handful of sizeable ships make the islands home, but their numbers are supplemented by dozens of small fishing scows, filled with masked men armed with nets and harpoons.

The Sons of Demonblade: Falen Demonblade hasn’t sailed the Saltless Sea in centuries, but this small group of corsairs operating off the coasts of the Minelands claims to be keeping his spirit of clever trickery on the high seas alive.

The Dark Fleet: The Fleet ranges the entire Sea in their massive ships, plundering without quarter. Given the number of times that they have incited anti-pirate crusades, the ships of the Fleet are occasionally at risk of being destroyed by the rest of the confederacies.

Skullship: The fear generated by this bone-ivory ship, captianed by the necromancer Vardis of Hake and crewed by the reanimated bodies of his victims, is such that he weilds as much power as any of the confederacies.

The Scaled Armada: Named for the large number of lizardfolk and troglodyte ships that operate out of the Howling Rocks island chain, the Scaled Armada member ships are all single-race humanoid crew, including goblin, orc and trollish groups. Most of the ships of the other confederacies are fairly racially diverse, excepting only:

The Iron Dogs: This disgraced clan of Dwarven artificers have kept up their craft even as they plunder and pillage. With every raid, they seem to have a new weapon or boarding device to test on the enemy.

Pirate Groups

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