Saltless Sea

Formally known as the Anaclic Ocean, this area would likely be considered an arm of the Endless Water if not for the fact of its freshness. Even though the Saltless Sea borders several other bodies of water it has remained salt-free for thousands of years. No completely satisfying explanation for this has ever been put forward, but theories abound. A few:

The people of the Fecund Peninsula hold to the theory that the Saltless Sea was a gift to them from the gods, thus proving their status as the most divinely loved race on the planet. In earlier times, the Sea itself was a part of their pantheon, and sacrifices were regularly made to it.

The sages of the Odyllic Academy believe that the Sea had its origins in the waning days of the Eonic Magocracy, when contenders for the Oaken Throne waged war on one another with ancient and chaotic magics. There are many theories about precisely how the effect was achieved and how it has propogated, including the presence of selective magical filters at the borders of the sea, a permanent alchemical transmutation of salt to water and a massive sensory delusion that masks the fact that the water is really just as salty as in any other ocean. A currently-popular if implausible theory is that the entire sea is one unimaginably-enormous water elemental that has lain dormant since being struck down in battle ages ago.

The various island communities in the sea each have some version of a legend of a culture hero who tricked the ocean god into removing the Sea’s salt to benefit his/her people. Many of the islands thus have a taboo against mentioning that the Sea is unusual, lest the god take notice and bring the salt back.

Similarly, the merchants of Gor have a legend that says that their god made a trade with the ocean king that was so incredibly well-negotiated that it bankrupted the sea itself. Once he ran out of gold, the king was forced to start giving up his servants, his daughters and finally the very salt of the sea. As a fundamental component of Gorvan culture, this legend has been used to justify everything from exploitative business practices to the traditional over-salting of Gorvan cuisine.

The pirates of Port Rot tell tall tales of Falen Demonblade, the greatest of them all, who stole the salt from the sea to prove his skill. Confident that his feat could never be bested, Demonblade retired from the piratic life.

Whatever the Sea’s origin, the presence of such an abundant supply of fresh water has ensured that the lands surrounding it have become effectively immune to drought and the plentiful sea-life and ease of farming have made the area a centre of trade.

Saltless Sea

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