Fecund Peninsula

The Fecund Peninsula is an area to the North of the Saltless Sea, projecting from the lower portion of the continent known as Averna and isolated from the rest of the landmass by a precipitous mountain range. The combination of geographical isolation, limitless supplies of water and the area’s extremely fertile soil produced a civilization that was able to develop virtually unthreatened.

The Peninsular is massively farmed and abundantly settled, with more than twenty cities and countless towns dotting its plains. The cities are organized into nine to fifteen states which collaborate on the defense of the mountain passes and the Peninsular naval force. Matters of trade are handled by individual cities, while law and governance are a state affair.

Freed from the possibility of hunger or invasion, the Peninsular peoples first turned to the arts. For hundreds of years, their sculpture, architecture and music flourished. More recently, however, such pursuits have stagnated and become formalized. Peninsular energies have instead been focused on political intrigue and the gathering of power. Blackmail, assassination and influence peddling are rampant, and careers are built and destroyed in a matter of years or even months.

The ultimate expression of this is the relationship between the citys and states. Agents of one or the other (or both) engage in constant missions of sabotage, defection, spying and kidnapping in order to shift power and prestige from one to the other. Eventually, over a period of years, a city or a state becomes more powerful at the expense of its target, or vice versa, and the two meet in ritualized battle on the Isle of Bulls, off the southern coast. The outcomes of these battles can have several different effects on the political geography of the Peninsula, including states absorbing one another, cities splitting off into discrete entities and cities changing hands within states. The Peninsular cartographers have developed a host of techniques to compensate for this frequent shifting of borders. The most popular of these is a map that does not include borders at all, but such objects have been declared treasonous in many states.

Fecund Peninsula

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