Odyllic Academy

The Odyllic Academy is the greatest place of magical scholarship in the world. Located in Port Ovkul, the Academy came about almost by default, after the Port’s citizens acquired their compulsion to remain inside the city walls. Cut off from the more traditional wizard’s path of travel punctuated by encountering and learning from (read “learning from” as “being lectured by/debating with/robbing/deuling to the death with/having drinking contests with/befriending/seducing/conning ones way into the will of”, delete as appropriate) their peers, the magic-users of Port Ovkul pooled their resources to purchase the land that the Academy stands on today and set about learning magic through research and experimentation. The Academy is noted for its advancement of the fields of scrying, summoning and enchantment.

The Academy is located in the South-East quarter of the city and is easily spotted due to the eccentricity of its architecture, which has been shaped by the dual pressures of Port Ovkul’s increasing space problem and the often bizarre ideas behind the design choices involved.

A graduate of the Academy is properly addressed as “Doctor”. There exist a wide variety of prefixes and suffixes to modify each wizard’s name based on his or her specific fields of study, but few outside of the Odyllic community know how to interpret these, let alone the entirely independent and equally complex system of titles employed by the institution’s students.

The current head of the Odyllic Academy is Cthonibibimus, Doctor Preexemplari Inferniretruum Artor Miltas, Qauestimarillii, though in keeping with the Academy’s policies on brevity and positive interaction with non-scholarly society this is commonly shortened to Doctor Infernus.

Odyllic Academy

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