Port Ovkul

One of only two major ports remaining on the continent of Avertice. Avertice’ rocky coastline has always limited the number of ports on the island – even at the height of the last Empire there were only five suitable for anything larger than a large fishing boat. Of these, one was within the boundaries of what is now known as the Gray Area, another was on a manmade harbour and has become unusable due to lack of proper maintenance and the third has been largely abandoned. Port Ockul and Port Rot are all that remain.

Thanks to its large harbour and proximity to the surviving network of Imperial highways, Port Ovkul is the nexus of trade for Avertice. Shipmasters and caravaners haggle in the Cup and hawk their surplus in the Stem, while their crews take advantage of the abundant taverns, eating places and bawdy houses. Though no Ovkullan will ever be a sailor, they are acknowledges as some of the greatest tug handlers, porter and warehousemen in the world.

Physically, Port Ovkul is a medium-large city with a large city’s population, and so it is increasingly building upward. It has been estimated that the shortest building in the city is three stories tall. Notable landmarks include the Odyllic Academy in the South-West, the Governor’s Seat in the South-East and the Temple Complex in the North. The most unmissable features of the city’s skyline are of course the Six Guardsmen, the Towers of the Guard, from which the city is policed and administered. And of course the first thing that any ship on its way to the port sees is the Adz, the enormous rock spire in the mouth of the harbour, capped by the legend-haunted fort of the same name.

Of the port’s people, they are as gregarious and canny as can be expected of a society reliant on the successful operation of a port for their survival. Their most outstanding feature, however, is their collective reluctance to step beyond the city’s walls. No Ovkullan will do so willingly, and if forced will devote all of their energies to returning to their home. There is speculation that the city may be under a curse or still collectively reacting to the chaos that surrounded the dissolution of the Empire, but the citizens themselves seem disinterested in any such theories. Since those most likely to investigate the phenomenon – the members of the Odyllic Academy – are themselves citizens, little research has been done.

Port Ovkul is ruled by the Council of Wardens in the name of Lord Barnabus Sunderer, last Governor of the Eastern Empire, who went missing two hundred and forty-five years ago.

Port Ovkul

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